Bombora is built specially for surfers, sailors, fishermen, beach walkers, kayakers, and everyone else that loves the water… Bombora fetches all of the most important data to help keep you as informed as possible.

Bombora for NOAA Buoys is the best way to get information on ocean swells, wave height, tidal information and weather forecasts from NOAA.

Whether your passion is surfing, sailing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, boating or canoeing, we tried to include everything you’d ever want to know about ocean conditions… in a package that’s hard to beat!

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Bombora provides easy access to recent NOAA & NDBC buoy and oceanographic data: wave, wind, and atmospheric conditions, tidal observations and predictions, directional swell data, National Weather Service marine text forecasts, and more! This data is like gold for surf, sail, dive, kayak, canoe, windsurf, kite-board, and pelican-watching enthusiasts!


• View Ocean Data via the NDBC Moored Buoy Program
• Includes Over 500 Stations From NOAA’s Domestic & International Partners
• NOAA Marine Text Forecasts: 31 Forecast Products and 600+ Individual Forecasts
• NOS Tide Level Observations and Predictions
• Directional Swell Data – Where Are Your Waves Coming From?

• View Nearby Stations and Locate Them on Integrated Maps
• Check Historical Data Charts – View Swell and Tide Trend Information
• Favorites – Mark Stations as Favorites for Quick Navigation
• Share Conditions via Email

“Before this app came out, I had three tide apps, the Surfline app, and a buoy app. Most of the time to check secret spots, I’d have to spend a while on the Internet on various NOAA sites and forecast sites to check the specific conditions in order for it to work. This app makes it a lot easier to figure out if I should drive the three hours to get some waves or not.”

“This app is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who surfs, body-boards, kayaks, etc, or just walks on the beach.. Seriously, the amount of information you can get by just touching a button is ASTOUNDING. Honestly, a one-time fee for a lifetime of info–what could possibly hold you back?! I am not a surfer, but Bombora is the first thing I check before choosing the best beach nearest me to walk my dog. A must have, for sure, for any beach-goer, anywhere on this planet.”

Visit our website at http://www.bomborasurf.com to see screenshots or to learn more about Bombora.

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